Monday, January 7, 2013

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This full figured young Pinay beauty hails from Angeles City, Philippines.  She is only 18 years old, with a fantastic hour glass figure and large round knockers with nice sized nipples.   Her name is SexySweetie4u and she is live on cam daily at

This gorgeous young Filipina teen is the sweetest girl you'll meet.  She smiles alot, likes to chat, and is drop dead gorgeous.   When she gets into private chat, her demeanor changes, and she becomes an erotic camgirl filled with desire.

SexySweetie4u does exactly what you tell her to do in private chat, as long as your a nice guy about it.   For example, if you tell her "stick your finger up your ass" she will do it.  But if you say, "Baby, can you play with your ass for me honey", she will give you that look of desire and take you on a tour of her ass that will get your cock hard in seconds.   It's always how you ask a lady to finger her ass that gets the job done the right way.

Besides a fantastic round butt, and her incredible large breasts, SexySweetie's pussy is the best part of her body.  There isn't a cameltoe waiting underneath there.   It's a full fledge vagina with big butterfly labia that surround her dildo and fingers as she fucks her tight Asian pussy.   Watching her pussy lips wrap around the cock gets me hard, and will get you hard too.

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